Reebok ATV 19+ Training Shoes: The Most Bizarre Fitness Tech Ever?

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These may be the most ridiculous high-tech training shoes ever made.

Reebok's new training shoe - the ATV 19+ - have been made in conjunction with UFC star Rampage Jackson, who is a real person, by the way, with a very specific intention...

Reebok say they feature "irregular lugs, rugged overlays, a padded tongue and supportive collar" and have been made with the highest specifications.

The shoes are clearly distinctive, and will be released on February 1.

But as a test, what do you think Reebok's explanation for the startling design actually is?

What are Reebok's ATV 19+ shoes supposed to do?
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What are Reebok's ATV 19+ shoes supposed to do?
The 'lugs' each contain sensors for tracking movement, direction and calories burned.
The strange shape is designed to grip mud, rocks and other off-road terrain.
Extra weights placed strategically to build muscle.
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