Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Penguin Highway.

Penguin Highway is situated in Antarctica - and as you can see, it gets pretty busy. Sometimes slightly dangerously so, as the instant replay moment shows.

It may just be 35 seconds long, but travel blogger Melissa Brennan's film is definitely our favourite penguin video to appear so far this year. And we're expecting it to be a good year for penguins, oh yes. Just look below - two of last year's 20 funniest viral videos (according to us) starred penguins...

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  • Evil Penguin

    Thought that cats were the only ones capable of sneak attacks? <a href="">This video proved otherwise</a>.

  • Four Bored Scousers

    Were they at <a href="">Manchester airport</a>? Were they at Prague airport? Who cares! It's a slice of silly brilliance.

  • Jurassic Park Theme Played On Melodica

    "Just got a melodica. Here's my rendition of the Jurassic Park theme song," <a href="">wrote YouTuber Patrick Lo</a>. The result was magnificent.

  • Bad Lip Reading: 'Eye Of The Sparrow'

    If there's one group of viral video makers who have consistently brightened 2012 for us, it's <a href="">the Bad Lip Reading team</a>. It was a tough call to pick our favourite - but their version of the first 2012 Presidential Debate won our vote.

  • Grumpy Cat

    Not surprisingly, this video made this cat <a href="">an internet sensation</a>.

  • Arrested Drunk Guy Sings 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

    You're intoxicated. The Canadian police pick you up. How do you respond? By <a href="">singing the whole of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'</a> in the back of a cop car, of course!

  • The Nick Clegg Apology Song

    How do you turn a politician's apology into a song? And then pretty much oblige him to release it as a charity single? Just ask those marvellous people at <a href="">The Poke</a>.

  • LIttle Girl Is Tired Of Obama And Romney

    Or to be more accurate: four-year-old Abigael is tired of "Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney". Look - <a href="">it was early November</a>. Who could blame her?

  • Second Cheapest Wine

    "You don't know much about wine... but you DO know you shouldn't buy the cheapest." A big tip of the hat to College Humor for coming up with our <a href="">favourite spoof ad</a> of the year.

  • Dog Ruins Marriage Proposal

    "I thought I could be sneaky and video tape the proposal by saying I am taking a picture," <a href="">wrote YouTuber Chris Nicholson</a>. "However our puppy had other ideas."

  • Please Move The Deer Crossing

    A woman <a href=" whophone-please-move-the-deer-crossings_n_1966306.html?utm_hp_ref=uk-viral-videos">calls into a local radio station</a> to complain about the 'deer crossing' signs. Because she thinks that deer crossing signs are placed by roads in order to <em>tell the deer where to cross</em>. An absolute gem.

  • Frog On A Bench

    He's just hangin' out... Becoming <a href="">an internet star</a>...

  • Wayne Rooney's 'Skyfall' Trailer

    "The name's Rooney. Wayne Rooney...". Forgive the indulgence, but we were rather proud of our <a href="">James Bond spoof</a>.

  • Baby Busker

    And staying on a baby theme: get a load of <a href="">the baby in Krakow </a>who easily outshone their busking dad. Aww!

  • Irish Olympic Sailing Commentary

    Did you watch the Olympic sailing rounds? Were you utterly confused? Thought so. So was <a href="">Fran Higgins</a>' Irish commentator.

  • Dragon Baby

    Watch out, stuffed toys - <a href="">Dragon Baby</a> will kick your ass! Adorably!

  • Dog Steals A Baguette

    ...And Tries To Get It Into Her Kennel (full title). Quite possibly our <a href="">favourite dog video</a> of the year, and proof, once again, that they aren't as bright as cats.

  • Look At This Instagram

    <a href="">A College Humor video</a> that takes the piss out of Instagram users? Set to the tune of Nickeback's 'Photograph'? Yes, please!

  • Penguin Falls Down

    Although it's not just the sight of <a href="">a penguin falling down</a>, but the reaction of his penguin pals that's p-p-p-priceless. Make sure you watch it with the sound up!

  • Catch The Ice Dude

    AKA 'A German guy jumps onto an iced-over pond, with inevitably hilarious consequences'. We're still laughing, months later - because <a href="">schadenfreude never gets old</a>.