The flightless bird was plucked from the runway and taken to a nearby zoo to feast on fish.
Living Coasts faced the monumental task of moving all its animals after Covid forced it to close last year.
Iceberg A68a is heading straight towards an Antarctic island teeming with wildlife, including millions of birds and seals.
These penguins from Kansas City Zoo in the US took a trip to an art museum during its closure.
Watch this group of rockhopper penguins take a look outside of their enclosure, to explore the rest of the aquarium they live in. The adorable field trip took place at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago after the place closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
A rare albino penguin has made its public debut at a zoo in Poland. The chick astonished zookeepers with its unique colouring, and has caused a stir with visitors as the world’s only albino penguin in captivity.
Male Humboldt penguins Pringle and Ferrari married in an elaborate ceremony in the Cotswolds. The penguins, who work in showbiz, have been inseparable for years. Pringle and Ferrari have had numerous TV appearances, including the Jonathan Ross Show, Alan Carr’s Chatty Man and Our Zoo.
Two male penguins, Magic & Sphen, trusted with the care of a fostered penguin egg, have welcomed a tiny addition to the family. The sub-Antarctic Gentoo chick was revealed to the world on 26 October 2018, by Sydney's Sea Life Aquarium.