We've just had a gadget turn up for review which isn't the sort of thing we'd usually cover. Instead of boxing it up and sending it right back, we've decided to turn it into a game, of sorts, and ask if you can Guess The Gadget.

Below are nine shots of the item in question, followed by the answer and a quick review.

Take a look and let us know, honestly, if you had any idea what it was.

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  • Towers?

    An abstract one to begin with...

  • Bobbles

    Hmm, some kind of grill?

  • Grille

    Nope, it's an actual grille.

  • Round

    Red-orange plastic?

  • Reflections


  • Curved Edge

    How good is our macro camera?

  • Big Clue

    Should be easier now...

  • Bubbles

    So liquid might be involved? Or nitrogen coolent?

  • Menacing

    Do you have it yet? It's...

  • Answer: Nespresso Magimix U Pure

    That's right - it's a coffee maker. Specifically, it's the <a href="http://www.nespresso.com/uk/en/product/u-magimix-orange;jsessionid=B4EA5C056C466378971E7A487900A7F6.node2">Nespresso Magimix U in orange</a>. This device retails for about £120, and uses a thermoblock heating system and 19 bars of pressure to turn Nespresso's little coffee capsules into very decent espresso indeed. We found it to be a nice looking, quick and well-made coffee maker, but one which is also a bit pricey and lacks some key options - no steamed milk, extra hot water or other extras. It folds up neatly, uses magnetic clips for its extraneous parts and handily turns itself off when not in use. It's a solid and tasty choice if you need to up your caffeine intake at work.