Shhhh... sex does not stop in your 60s.

But according to experts older people find it difficult to talk about sex and do not know where to go for advice.

Age UK said that despite problems associated with getting older it did not mean an end to a sex life.

The charity carried out a survey of over 65s and found that a quarter (24%) said their sexual lifestyle has not changed despite their age.

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Sex drives thrive in old age

But more than a quarter (28%) feel they cannot talk to their partner about sex and over two thirds (69%) have never sought sexual health advice.

And almost one in 10 (8%) of over-65s are keen to embark on a new sexual relationship.

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The survey highlighted the extent to which sex remains an important part of people's lives, with almost two thirds (62%) of over-65s in the survey saying that they are currently enjoying a fulfilling sex life.

What's more, a wish to keep the spark alive came through in the findings, as one in eight (12%) said they would like to try new things with their partner.

Just under one in five (18%) want to be more sexually active - rising to over a quarter (27%) among men.


Lucy Harmer, from Age UK, said: "Our survey shows that having a healthy sex life is important to us regardless of our age.

"However, we also found that many older people may find it hard to speak up about sex, be it to their partner, friends or healthcare professionals.

"Age UK is keen to increase awareness of the importance of seeking out information and advice on sex - whatever your age.

"Some people's knowledge will be based on guidance received when they were first sexually active a number of years ago - and it's vital that those in later life have access to relevant, up-to-date information.

"The changes that many people face as we age, such as the menopause or finding our joints become less supple, don't necessarily mean our sex life has to stop.

"The right information and advice will help people in later life to keep sexually active and healthy for as long as desired."

:: A total of 2,000 UK adults over 65, and 2,000 UK adults under 50, were surveyed via an online poll by Vision Critical in November 2012.

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  • Fidelity

    The couple say: "Always be faithful: always be faithful to one another. When you get married you commit to devoting your life to that person and even when the times are tough, don’t believe that the grass is greener... because it isn’t."

  • Kindness

    The couple say: "Look after each other as best you can: if you want to grow old with your partner you have to make sure you always look after each other in every shape and form. "Whether it is making a meal, holding your partners hand when crossing the road or being a shoulder to cry on when something goes wrong."

  • Values

    The couple say: "Follow social and religious values: always make sure you follow social or religious values. "Respect, care, cherish, love and value your partner – always treat them how you would want to be treated yourself."

  • Time together

    Karam says: "We have not spent any long span apart in over 50 years. "We go everywhere together – up until a few years ago we went to India every year with the family and for all family weddings we make sure we get to stay together."

  • Tolerance

    The couple say: "Be tolerant of each other: everyone has bad habits or annoying traits. "Whether it is leaving a towel on the floor or listening to the radio too loudly, you have to tolerate each other and realise that no one is perfect. "Of course we irritate each other occasionally, but if you want to last nearly 90 years, learn to love bad habits or it won’t work."

  • Listen

    The couple say: "Listen to each other: the most important thing in a relationship is to listen. People don’t listen anymore because they are too busy with work and TV. "Listen to your loved ones’ problems and concerns every day, because then you can help them overcome them and be happier. "Also, it brings you closer together because you are the first port of call for each other when there is an issue in your life." Katari adds: "When I was young I used to make him a nice fresh meal every night." We are vegetarian so I brought lots of fresh vegetables and made sure he was eating healthy food. Health is very important and I wanted to look after him so we could grow old together. Some would say it has worked! Oh and how can I forget, I always save a bit of my chapatti for him. Just a little gesture that he appreciated a lot...and it kept me a bit slimmer."

  • Family

    Satpaul, their son, says: "One piece of advice that I can’t stress enough is to keep your parents very close. We live with them in Bradford and look after them because we want to help them live as long as they can together. "I don’t want to see their love story end. I truly believe that by helping them over the last few years we have enabled them to enjoy their time together with no stress and being looked after. Also, you have to value them while they are here because you never know how long they are going to be around for.”

  • Make 'Em Laugh

    Karam says: "My trick is to make Kartari laugh. I like to tell jokes and make her smile. Being funny is my way of being romantic. "I have been told laughing makes you live longer... my wife is still alive so it must have worked! I love her so much and I want to spend another 80 years by her side."

  • Kartari, Karam and grandchildren

  • Kartari, Karam and grandchildren

  • Kartari and Karam

  • Kartari and Karam

  • Kartari and Karam

  • Kartari and Karam

  • Kartari and Karam

  • Kartari and Karam, with children and grandchildren

  • Kartari and Karam

  • Kartari, Karam with children and grandchildren

  • Kartari and Karam with grandchildren