This latest video from Petsami shows just how mean cats can be. As if we didn't know.

It also shows why it's a very bad idea to walk past a table a cat may be lurking under. Especially if you're not that much bigger than said cat.

Of course, what we fear now is this little girl will grow up and write a poem about her cat, in which she calls him 'crazy". And we all know what will happen then, don't we? That's right - this:

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  • Wrapper Attack

    Poor wrapper never even saw it coming.

  • Good Hiding Spot

    Quietly waiting in the box for the perfect time to strike.

  • Suitcase Attack

    Good luck packing.

  • Stealthy

    Staying perfectly still until the attack.

  • Watch Where You Walk

    Your feet are completely vulnerable to a kitty sneak attack.

  • Around The Corner

    Be careful when you come around that corner in the house.

  • Don't Look Away

    Do take your eyes off that cat for even a second.

  • Computer Attack

    Hopefully there was a screen protector on that thing.

  • Jump Attack

    Always vigilant, even in there.

  • Kitten Attack

    Wait for it... Wait for it...

  • Raccoon Gets Stuffed

    Because toy raccoons are irresistible.

  • Toddler Attack

    Poor kid didn't even see it coming...