Former contestant on The Apprentice Katie Hopkins has caused outrage on Twitter after saying that she would not employ someone who was overweight.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning, Hopkins told fellow guest Jay Cole, a 22-stone, unemployed single mum, that she would never employ someone of her size.

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"Would I want to put someone in front of a client who looks like this?" Hopkins says to the show's presenters Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, gesturing at Cole.

"Do they look dynamic? Do they look disciplined? Do they look highly efficient? Well, no, speaking frankly. And therefore, Jay wouldn't be someone that I would employ."


Cole, who has been unemployed for five years, claims that she has been overlooked when applying for jobs on account of her size.

"You walk into a room and you just see their expressions," she said.

"Just because I walk in and I'm ten dress sizes bigger..." she added. "That proves there is such a thing as fattism."

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Before going on the show on Wednesday morning Katie tweeted: "Are employers reluctant to employ the obese? Yes, they are. A 24 stone individual does not 'fit' my business."

Following her appearance on the show, people took to Twitter to respond to Katie's views.

"I'm truly stunned by the opinions aired by Katie Hopkins. Vile woman," tweeted one user.

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  • Julia Raeside

    On This Morning now, Katie Hopkins telling an overweight woman that she wouldn't employ a fat person because they're lazy.

  • Sue T

    Has anyone ever seen Liz Jones & Katie Hopkins in the same room?

  • Jon Dryden Taylor

    Katie Hopkins says she wouldn't employ a fat person. People I would employ rather than Katie Hopkins: murderers, lizardpeople, the dead.

  • Lesley Smith

    I'm truly stunned by the opinions aired by Katie Hopkins. Vile woman. #thismorning

  • Teri Johnston

    Katie Hopkins what an absolute idiot. She's got a bloody opinion on everything and everyone. Bet her life's not perfect #thismorning

  • Boudicca Lee Maloney

    Katie Hopkins state she wouldn't employ an overweight person as they're bad for business! FFS what is wrong with that woman...

  • Connor Noden

    This Katie Hopkins needs to be pelted with tomatoes.

  • Jo Stephenson

    Id rather be fat than katie hopkins, what a horrid opiniated woman #TMTooFatToWork

  • Katie Ramsden

    Katie Hopkins is a vile ignorant person! #thismorning #toofattowork I would never want to work for her, ever!

  • Naomi Wilkinson

    Katie Hopkins on TM, saying she would not employ an overweight person. Surely there is a law against that?! I really dislike that woman.

Hopkins said that she didn't expect to to have so many people agree with her.

"I am surprised that so many are so supportive of my views on why I would not employ an obese individual," she tweeted.

Katie Hopkins
I am surprised that so many are so supportive of my views on why I would not employ an obese individual

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