Forget about breakfast in bed or wanting to be woken up with a gentle kiss on the lips by your partner, this man asked his wife to wake him each morning with a big ol' slap in the face.

According to DailyDot, which describes itself as the internet's community newspaper, Michigan-based musician Zach Curd asked his wife Erin to slap him every morning for 15 days to help him get out of bed.

"I told my wife to wake me up every morning with a sharp slap about the face. These are the results," reads the description under the YouTube video, which has been viewed over 683,000 times so far.

Despite being uploaded to YouTube in September 2011, the video only went viral after being posted on social news site Reddit last Friday.

man wife slap

Despite being the one to suggest the slap wake-up calls, Zach doesn't look happy

Would you like to be woken up this way? Let us know in the comments below.

And if being slapped awake doesn't sound like fun to you, here are some more gentler ways to get the most out of your morning:

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  • Pack Your Keys

    It's almost comical how many times we leave the home without our keys or how long we spend looking for them in the morning. Avoid this stress by taking the time at night to throw them in your or place them in a spot you remember.

  • Do The Dishes

    When you come home so late from work and just put together a quick meal, the last thing you want to do is the dishes. But trust us, you'll be happy you cleaned them at night when there isn't a dirty pile staring at you the next morning.

  • Set The Table For Breakfast

    This is especially important if you have children. Making sure the breakfast table is in order the night before will allow you to have more time to catch up with the kids or your morning emails without having to search for anything.

  • Prepare Your Outfit

    We're talking right down to your shoes and socks. Figuring out your outfit at night will take the anxiety out of searching endlessly for something to wear and you won't be rushing -- so you'll always look fabulous.

  • Charge Electronics

    In this day in age, you really can't afford to be caught with a dead cellphone or laptop. And as much as we like to unplug, we know how stressful it is when you have to answer an email and your phone just dies. All you have to do is make sure they're charging at night and you're sure to be good for the morning.

  • Write Your To-Do List

    Just catch your breath for a couple of minutes and spend a few moments thinking about what you have to do the next day. Then write it all down and leave the list in a spot that you'll remember so you don't leave the house without it. This will help you with grocery shopping, dinner plans, friends' birthdays and everything else you don't want to forget.

  • Make Lunch

    Not only is it super expensive to buy your lunch everyday, but it can also be really unhealthy, which can lead to guilt, and of course... stress. Prepare your lunch at night using leftovers from dinner and you'll save time, money and calories.

  • Check The Weather

    Being unprepared for anything can be a big stressor, but particularly not being ready for the weather can cause transportation delays and wardrobe malfunctions that can be avoided by simply checking the boob tube in advance.