Every once in a while here at HuffPost Tech we like to remind ourselves of where our love for technology began. For some of us that was early video games, our first mobile phone or coding applications in Basic.

For me it was Lego.

Previously I took on Lego's most complex set - and almost crumbled under its complex, mechanical weight. This time I went for something a bit simpler - the Marvel Super Heroes 'Spider-Man: Daily Bugle Showdown' set, which weighs in at 476 pieces and £39.99.


The set isn't going to take more than a couple of hours for even the youngest Lego builder to complete, but that aside it's a fun and engaging kit which has a surprisingly high number of funny details - even for Lego.

It comes with five Mini-Figs, including Spider-Man himself along with the Daily Bugle proprietor JJ Jameson, Dr Doom, Nova and Beetle, while the centre piece is a three storey Daily Bugle Corporation building, which features an exploding window, rooftop trapdoor, a catapult dumpster and a nicely realised 'iMac-style' computer on JJJ's desk. A 'Spider Web' and chain-like web-rope are also included, and young testers appreciated the range of play options and knick-knacks on show. For older collectors it makes for a handsome, space-efficient collector's piece which won't break the bank.

The Daily Bugle Showdown also features a jet plane, which is a nice addition but feels a little bit unnecessary, and a comic to help explain the story behind the set.

No, it isn't going to dazzle adult Lego fans with its complexity or detail. But if you just want one of Lego's Super Heroes sets for your desktop - or don't have the money to step up to one of the grander set-pieces - it's a nice choice.

Take a look at our 'Vine' reviews below for more details on the kit - and how to play with it.

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