"If y’all can retweet this enough times that Disney calls, that’d be greatly appreciated," Julian Bass tweeted. It worked.
The Politician star revisited forgetting she was in Homecoming during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.
A break between the studios could mean the superhero would no longer be a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – or the Avengers.
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"The world isn’t as simple as a straight white guy," the Spider-Man: Far From Home actor said.
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French climber Alain Robert climbed London’s Heron Tower without safety gear or a harness. Dubbed the French Spiderman, Robert has climbed, among others, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Empire State Building in New York City.
The actor announced the next film will be titled “Spider-Man: Far From Home” on social media by way of a not-so-accidental peek of the digital version of the script on an iPad.
The Malian migrant who scaled a building to save a dangling child has been honoured by the French president and promised naturalisation as a French citizen.