Pictures Of The Day: 22nd March 2013

21/03/2013 21:57 | Updated 22 March 2013

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22/03/2013 17:28 GMT

Andie MacDowell Attends DouroAzul Luxury Boat Launch With Daughter

andie macdowell

andie macdowell daughter

Andie MacDowell (left) and daughter Rainey Qualley after a press conference at the DouroAzul Headquarters in Porto, Portugal. The Hollywood actress is in Porto to christen the 'Amavida', a new ship in the DouroAzul fleet.

22/03/2013 16:21 GMT

India Lathmar Holi Festival

hindu festival

Hindu men and a boy from the village of Nangaon are covered in colored powder as they sit on the floor during prayers at the Ladali or Radha temple before the procession for the Lathmar Holy festival, the legendary hometown of Radha, consort of Hindu God Krishna, in Barsana 115 kilometers ( 71 miles) from New Delhi, India

22/03/2013 15:48 GMT

Mustang Wanted, Ukranian Daredevil, Performs Death-Defying Stunts

You've heard people say, "Don't try this at home." But seriously, this time, you really, really don't want to try this at home (or at the office, or the park, or on your sofa ...). The group of skywalking Russians have nothing on this "real-life Spider-Man." The amateur Ukrainian stuntman, who goes by the name Mustang Wanted, makes a habit out of putting himself in life-threatening situations in order to capture incredible death-defying photos.

22/03/2013 15:20 GMT

Brazilian Natives Clash With Police In Rio

brazil riots

Brazilian natives protest against their eviction by the police from the former Indigenous Museum, next to the Maracana stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on March 21, 2013. Indigenous people have been occupying the place since 2006, which is due to be pulled down to construct a parking lot for the upcoming Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup.

22/03/2013 15:02 GMT

It Just Won't Snow Away

snow uk

Take a look at HuffPost UK readers submitted snow images in the gallery below....

22/03/2013 14:44 GMT


lions at bristol zoo

Four-and-a-half month old Asiatic lion cubs Kamran and Ketan play in their new home after being released in their enclosure for the first time for the public to see at Bristol Zoo Gardens

22/03/2013 14:26 GMT

Giraffe Attacks Jeep

angry giraffe

An angry bull giraffe kicks out at a jeep during an attack in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. WELCOME to Giraffe-ic Park. This is the moment a jeep full of terrified safari tourists was attacked by a huge bull giraffe. The two-and-a-half tonne giant chased and kicked the vehicle for two miles - just like the T-rex in hit movie Jurassic Park. The 13-ft male is believed to have had an hormonal imbalance which triggered the raging attack. The dramatic footage was captured by cameraman Rainer Schimpf during a trip to South Africa.

22/03/2013 13:47 GMT

Kate's Well Prepared

kate middleton

kate middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge showed she was fully prepared when she braved severe weather to visit a Scout camp in the Lake District today. Kate, who is a volunteer in the Scout Association, joined fellow adult volunteers as they trained to work with Beaver and Cub Scouts at the Great Tower Scout Camp near Newby Bridge in Cumbria.

22/03/2013 13:41 GMT

Jlo In The Studio With Chris Brown

22/03/2013 12:47 GMT

50th Anniversary of Alcatraz Island's Closure

alcatraz anniversary

This 1963 image shows the last prisoners depart from Alcatraz Island federal prison in San Francisco. The National Park Service on Thursday celebrated the 50th anniversary of Alcatraz Island's closure as a federal penitentiary with an exhibit of newly discovered photos of the prison's final hours. The new display opened five decades after the last shacked prisoners were taken off the infamous prison in San Francisco Bay that once held the likes of gangsters Al Capone and Mickey Cohen.

alcatraz island closure

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