Amy Childs In Marbella, Moose Mates With Statue, EDL Protests - Vote On Your Favourite Picture

07/06/2013 18:02 BST | Updated 09/06/2013 20:33 BST

The best pictures of the week are chosen by YOU voting on our interactive slideshow.

We've got some pictorial treats from the world of news and entertainment - including a Moose trying to mate with a statue and Angelina Jolie comforting a fan who is overcome with star-struck emotion.

Mel C shows off grungy dreadlocks look as the former Spice Girl poses for a 'Jesus Christ Superstar' production picture and Tommy Robinson and his band of EDL members enjoy photo opportunities outside the Old Bailey. A gym in Cambridge was visited by a pair of Hollywood superstars - George Clooney and Matt Damon dropped in for a quick workout.

Whilst Amy Childs sunned herself in Marbella, a baby was born in its still-intact amniotic sac. Kate Upton leaps up and down whilst filming 'The Other Woman', leading to a close wardrobe malfunction - all in our pics of the week.

Happy voting and we will announce the winner on Monday morning.

The Week In Photos - Vote On Your Favourite Pictures