Julia Gillard Outraged After Radio DJ Asks Her If Partner Is Gay (Because He's A Hairdresser)

13/06/2013 12:28
  • Christopher York Huffington Post UK

All hairdressers are gay, right?

Clearly not, but that's the assumption an Australian radio show host appeared to make when he asked prime minister Julia Gillard if her hair-chopping partner was homosexual.

Howard Sattler was highlighting how Gillard was often the butt of "myths, rumours, snide jokes and innuendos" when he asked to "test a few out".

hairdresser gay

The stereotype

He the proceeded to push Gillard to confirm her partner, Tim Mathieson, was in a heterosexual relationship.

Gillard said the claim was "silly", absurd and "ridiculous" as Sattler insisted it was not him saying it but a "myth that people say".

Gillard had previously been defending her decision to co-habit and not get married and had also reiterated her opposition to gay marriage.

She said: "Personal choice and I think the fact that I'm not married shows obviously I think that you can have a relationship that is committed and full of love and full of significance in your life without being married."

tim mathieson gay hairdresser

The reality