12/06/2013 04:51 BST

Julia Gillard Slams 'Grossly Sexist' Menu That Mocked Her 'Small Breasts'

Julia Gillard has attacked a 'sexist' fundraising menu

Australian prime minister Julia Gillard has urged the opposition Liberal party to deselect a candidate over a "grossly sexist and offensive" fundraising menu.

Among the meals served at a dinner hosted by Queensland's Mal Brough was "Julia Gillard Kentucky fried quail" which it said had "small breasts, huge thighs and a big red box".

Brough, who was a minister in former prime minister John Howard's cabinet, has since apologised and said he thought it would be "humorous".

ABC reports the Liberal Party said "content of the menu card was absolutely unacceptable and has no place at any LNP event". However Opposition leader Tony Abbott said while the menu was "tacky" Brough would remain a candidate for his party.

Gillard said the menu followed a "pattern of behaviour" from the Liberal Party. "Mr Brough is retaining his endorsement, presumably if Mr Abbott becomes prime minister, Mr Brough will be a senior minister in the Abbott government," she said.

"Is Mr Abbott ruling out giving him the portfolio of the status of women? Mr Brough should be disendorsed. That's what should happen here."

The row erupted after Gillard was accused of starting "false gender wars" over the issue of abortion.

In a speech yesterday Gillard warned that abortion rights would be come the "political plaything of men" should Abbott be elected prime minister.

Last year Gillard found international fame after delivering a withering anti-sexism speech in the Australian parliament against Abbott. She was "offended on behalf of the women of Australia"' when Abbott described abortion as "the easy way out".