Clearing 2013: Students Warned Not To Let Parents Ring Universities On A-Level Results Day

07/08/2013 13:48 BST | Updated 07/08/2013 14:04 BST

Students have been warned not to let their pushy parents ring universities to arrange clearing places, as it sends out the wrong message.

The leader of a group of top girls' schools told pupils it is time to find their own battles and when it comes to talking to universities, they are "on their own".


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"Now is not the time to be nervous on the telephone and it’s certainly not the day for letting your parents fight your battles for you," Hilary French president of the Girls’ School Association says. "By all means discuss your options with them, but if you have to talk to universities, you’re on your own."

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Clare Reseigh, head of sixth form at St Gabriel’s School near Newbury, adds: "If you have to ring universities to confirm or re-negotiate your place, it goes without saying that it must be you who calls.

Under no circumstances allow your parents to call on your behalf because that will send entirely the wrong message about your maturity and commitment."