Are teacher-assessed grades accurate? Will uni be any fun? Just some of the worries on students' minds.
Given the shambles Gavin Williamson oversaw last summer, the latest move is perhaps unsurprising.
Gavin Williamson has said students will need more time to prepare in 2021.
Shadow education minister Emma Hardy tells HuffPost UK ministers need to think about recruiting more assessors now if it wants to push back exams.
Roger Taylor tells MPs it was a “fundamental mistake” to believe the public would accept results decided by an algorithm.
External candidates like me have been living in a nightmare since results day. The worst part? There’s a simple solution.
Shadow education secretary Kate Green said Year 11 and 13 students face "a mountain to climb" after losing up to six months of teaching time.
"The buck stops with Williamson. Sooner or later, he has to go too," a Labour frontbencher said.
Thousands of students were downgraded before the government and exams watchdog were forced to U-turn over the issue.
Students have got their grades – now it's the education secretary's turn to be examined.