The prime minister wants to create a new qualification called the "Advanced British Standard".
For everyone who finds the online debate about this day a bit too much.
"This isn't an underdog story, just a confirmation of privilege," one critic wrote.
The former shadow chancellor dropped the subject after sitting his O-Levels in the 1980s.
Everything you need to know as university admissions near record levels.
Cleverly said he could remember his results, unlike Gavin Williamson who forgot his.
Are teacher-assessed grades accurate? Will uni be any fun? Just some of the worries on students' minds.
Given the shambles Gavin Williamson oversaw last summer, the latest move is perhaps unsurprising.
Gavin Williamson has said students will need more time to prepare in 2021.
Shadow education minister Emma Hardy tells HuffPost UK ministers need to think about recruiting more assessors now if it wants to push back exams.