Irvine Welsh And Lauren Laverne Get Behind Viral #CopingwiththeBigC Twitter Cancer Campaign

07/08/2013 13:32

Artist Dave Kirkwood has got a novel way of getting people to support the hashtag #copingwiththeBigC - every person who tweets it will find themselves represented in a tiny Twitter drawing on his next piece of art.

The campaign to raise awareness about coping with cancer was inspired by a desire to do something to help Becki McGuinness's blog - Coping With The Big C.


Already the campaign has attracted the attention of Lauren Laverne, Chris Addison, Irvine Welsh and Ian Rankin, and continues to grow.

How to do it:
  • Send a tweet with #copingwiththebigC
  • Dave does a small drawing of a character holding a placard with your Twitter name on it
  • Bam! You're famous and have helped raise money for cancer

The piece of art will be auctioned off and the proceeds donated to Teenage Cancer Charities.

He says: "Becki had a benign tumour at 18 and Osteosarcoma at 21 but she’s a fighter. She appeared in the Opening Ceremony of the Paralympics in London 2012 and works really hard on her other activities so the least I can do is a few drawings.

"I liked her hashtag #copingwiththeBigC I thought I could do something for her and for every individual and organisation involved in supporting people coping with cancer in whichever way they were facing their own challenges."

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