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Syria, Miley Cyrus, Jamie Oliver And More: Funny Tweets Of The Week

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You may think that there aren't many jokes to be made about the current crisis in Syria - but of course, this is what satire is for. And Twitter.

Yes, this week's round up of funny tweets is led by comments on the debate over Syria - and David Cameron's defeat in the House of Commons - before moving into lighter territory. Namely: Miley Cyrus's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, where she shocked us all with an outrageous, never-seen-before display of blatant sexuality (and underwear).

All this, plus the Government's controversial badger cull, Jamie Oliver's controversial opinions, Cheryl Cole's controversial tattoo, the anniversary of Martin Luther King's not-so controversial 'I have a dream' speech - and a few more takes on the most controversial entertainment news still circulating the (Daily) planet: the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman.

Take it away, Twitter...

The Week In Funny Tweets
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