Your relationship may be hanging by a thread, as you argue about being lost/buying a LACK table/whether you really need that decorative cactus, but one thing that Ikea has become known for is its food.

People may be ashamed to tell you about it, but we know for a fact that for many, the hot dogs and meatballs are pretty much the best thing about visiting the store. (That and stealing as many pencils as possible).

Our friends over at HuffPost Canada brought the company's recipe collection to our attention, which features "the best in seafood, lingonberries and elderflowers — classic ingredients used in Swedish cooking. Some notable recipes for 2014 include a cheese and dill quiche, pancake cake and cold poached salmon with caviar sauce."

If you haven't been to Sweden, then you may not be aware that the food is flipping fantastic. Ikea may not be gourmands (then again, they don't profess to be) but this is - surprisingly - a great way to introduce people to Swedish food.

Our advice: unless you like eating in silence, visit the cafe BEFORE you start shopping for furniture because lord knows you won't be talking to each other afterwards.

Be honest - are you an Ikea food fan? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Princess Cake

    Mini cream cakes with raspberry and vanilla custard filling, coated with pink marzipan.

  • Lingonberry Syrup

    Lingonberries grow wild in the ancient forests of Sweden. You can use this syrup as a drink mixer.

  • Hot Dog

    For just 50 cents.

  • Meatballs (Frozen)

    Minced meat formed into round balls and fried.

  • Meatballs (At Restaurant)

    When you don't have the patience (or time) to make your own, opt for in-store meatballs.

  • Edlerflower Drink

    Organic refresher made with white elder flowers.

  • IKEA Frozen Yogurt

    Soft serve never tasted so good.

  • Cinnamon Roll

    You can pick these bad boys up for a dollar.

  • Rhubarb Crumble

    Topped with vanilla sauce.

  • Ikea Fries

    Paired with meatballs and gravy of course.

  • Cheese And Leek Pie

    A short-crust pastry with cheese and leek.

  • Potato Fritters

    Grated raw potatoes, fried as a pancake.

  • Elk-Shaped Pasta

    Organic durum wheat pasta shaped like elks! Cute!

  • Marshmallow Pastry

    Sweet, creamy chocolate coated foam.

  • Elder Flower And Orange Jam

    A mix of orange jam with orange peel and elder jam.

  • Medallions

    Potato-based dish with broccoli, leek, onions and cheese.

  • Crisprolls

    Toasted, brittle crisprolls with cardamom flavour.

  • Frozen Salmon

    Also marinated for taste.

  • Biscuit With Chocolate Filling

    Classic biscuits filled with chocolate.

  • Soft Bread

    A soft bread from Northern Sweden.