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Miss America Winner, Nina Davuluri, Called 'Muslim Terrorist' On Twitter (She's A Hindu)

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The newly crowned Miss America has received vile Twitter abuse expressing anger a "terrorist", "foreigner" and "Muslim" won - despite the fact she is a Hindu-practising American of Indian descent.

Nina Davuluri took the title in Atlantic City on Sunday night and thanked the organisers who she said had "embraced diversity".

nina davuluri

Entrants this year included a tattooed army veteran and a woman without part of her lower arm

A number of Twitter users did not share her enthusiasm.

Dallas Robinson
I am literarily soo mad right now a ARAB👳 won

Jake Amick
How the fuck does a foreigner win miss America? She is a Arab!

It's called Miss America. Get outta here New York you look like a terrorist.

If a Muslim wins this pageant. Lord help me.

Outspoken right-wing Fox News commentator, Todd Starnes, suggested Davuluri "didn't represent American values" - which he then helpfully outlined.

The liberal Miss America judges won't say this - but Miss Kansas lost because she actually represented American values.

Apparently the liberal Miss America Pageant judges weren't ready for a patriotic, gun-toting, deer-hunting Miss America.

Thankfully however, for every ignorant tweet there were many more others who defended Davuluri who is the first woman of Indian descent to win the contest.

Patrick Pho
Woke up to find out that the first Miss America of Indian descent was crowned last night. Love it!

Really disappointed with how the people in our country are acting because of the Miss America winner. She's an American, get over it.

Claudia Tran
Wishing I had time today to write a column on the hateful responses to Nina Davuluri winning Miss America. Racism still exists.

Davuluri won the competition with a routine that included a Bollywood fusion dance.

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Addressing the abuse after her win she said: "I have to rise above that. I always viewed myself as first and foremost American."

She intends to use her prize money to study at medical school, reports the Evening Standard.

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