LIVE BLOG: Ed Or Dead: How Does Miliband Win In 2015

20/09/2013 10:26 | Updated 24 September 2013

Join The Huffington Post as we host THE fringe event of the Labour Conference. @nedsimons will be live blogging as Owen Jones, Sadiq Khan, Tessa Jowell, Ken Livingstone and Isabel Hardman dicuss Ed Miliband's leadership. Your host is HuffPost UK's political director, Mehdi Hasan.

24/09/2013 18:44 BST

A woman in the audience in the audience says Livingstone has woman "screaming with delight" when he shows up places. Have not seen any evidence of this yet.

24/09/2013 18:39 BST

Livingstone says teenagers who don't vote should be executed...

Ken Livingstone says 16-year-olds who don't vote, if given the right, should be executed. He is joking. But a few young people are backing away from the stage.

24/09/2013 18:33 BST

Jowell says it is 'ridiculous' that young people can't vote

Tessa Jowell says it is a "ridiculous inconsistency" that young people can't vote.

She adds: I think that this is a community and country making speech. That's why it will live on with all the caveats of not just the shadow cabinet and all of us being ambassadors and believers in the possibility in this kind of future."

24/09/2013 18:25 BST

Tessa Jowell says Miliband is setting out an 'aspirational' agenda

Jowell says: "This is the stuff of being young and aspirational of being in Britain in 2013 and beyond. It's the use of the state in a proportionate and proper way when the market fails."

24/09/2013 18:13 BST

Livingstone: 'Blair seems like a haunted figure'

Livingstone says Miliband's experience in government will make him a better prime minister than Tony Blair.

Blair, he says, now "seems like a haunted figure he knows what he could have done, he was pitched into it far too early".

But then it's not like Livingstone and Blair were every best friends.

24/09/2013 18:11 BST

Ken Livingstone: bankers peeing on us is the closest we got to trickle down

Ken Livingstone admits if David Cameron called an election for this autumn the Labour party "might struggle" to win. But he is confident Labour can win in 2015.

And attacking Tory economic policy he adds: "The bankers peeing on the rest of us is the closest we got to trickle down."

24/09/2013 17:59 BST

Owen Jones says he is standing for London mayor. He is joking. Or is he...

Owen Jones says he is standing for London mayor. He is joking. Or is he. Yes he is. Sadiq Khan managed to dodge the question as to whether he would stand for mayor. Tessa Jowell says she is "thinking about it".

24/09/2013 17:52 BST

Sadiq Khan says people should not get 'carried away' with the speech

Sadiq Khan, shadow justice secretary, says Miliband gave a "cracking speech". He would say that though wouldn't he. But he warns Labour not to get "carried away", just as the party should not "panic" when there is a bad PMQs.

24/09/2013 17:51 BST

Jowell says Labour will not be able to match the Tories 'air war' in 2015

Jowell says the Tories "will have an air war" in the 2015 campaign that Labour can not match. "We will not have the money to fund expensive billboard advertising. But we will have an activist army. What Ed spoke to were the priorities of the doorsteps. It will live outside the council hall."

24/09/2013 17:45 BST

Tessa Jowell says this years speech by Ed was about policy development

Tessa Jowell says while last year's conference speech by Ed Miliband was about the "marvel" of being able to speak for 50 minutes without notes. This year, she says, was about the "development of that One Nation theme and policies for the doorstep".

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