Best GIFs Of The Week From The Huffington Post UK Picture Desk

27/09/2013 11:25 | Updated 27 September 2013

We have compiled the best GIFs of the week created by our own Huffington Post picture desk.

This week features Justin Bieber 'whipped' by a belt, Iain Dale the scuffling political blogger and a firefighter saves the life a tiny kitten.

  • 1 Fire fighter saves the life of a kitten
  • 2 Have you seen the new trailer for Homeland series 3?
  • 3 The Northampton Clown has been at it again
  • 4 Justin Bieber WHIPPED with a BELT by Zach Galifianakis
  • 5 Sex in the fast lane: Couple caught at it in minivan
  • 6 Iain Dale scuffles with protestor Stuart Holmes
  • 7 Iain Dale scuffles with protestor Stuart Holmes (part 2)
  • 8 LOOK FAMILIAR?? Miley Cyrus sits on a Basketball Hoop in new Mike Will video
  • 9 The hedgehog that thinks he's Miley Cyrus
  • 10 Jan Verttonghen pulls down Nicklas Helenius shorts..
  • 11 Did you know it was possible to unlock the iPhone 5c with your nipple?
  • 12 Panda babies. It's all about the PANDA BABIES
  • 13 INCREDIBLE footage of a meteor caught on camera by a mountie patrolling in northern Alberta, Canada
  • 14 Was this 'confusing' set piece the best free-kicker ever?
  • 15 Cheeky baboon gropes female reporter live on air and grins with glee

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