'Strictly Come Dancing': 'Countdown's Rachel Riley Misses BBC 'Breakfast' Interview Because She Overslept

27/09/2013 11:19

'Strictly Come Dancing' hopeful Rachel Riley has been forced to apologise after missing her BBC 'Breakfast' interview because she overslept by two hours.

rachel riley

Rachel Riley

The 'Countdown' star said she was sorry about leaving partner Pasha to go it alone for the interview on Thursday morning:

The brainiac-turned-dancer can be forgiven for oversleeping though, as she's been in intense practise for the BBC dance contest's first live show on Friday.

Talking about her glamourous 'Strictly' transformation, Rachel tweeted:

Susanna - whose professional partner is Kevin Clifton - is quoted by PA as saying: "I find it really hard to remember the steps because it is not in my nature to memorise movements."

Strictly Come Dancing line up

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