As far as optical illusions go, here's one that will make you snigger into your hand and hastily avert your eyes.

Hall way

Just a hallway, nothing to see here

What's that, you can't see it?

The image was originally posted to Imgur, where mucky commenters suggested the artist follow up by adding an animated hotdog being thrown down it.

One simply remarked: "The internet has ruined me."

Hat tip to Jezebel for flagging it up.

And while we're on the subject, here are 16 other unintentionally sexual optical illusions. *Snigger*

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  • The Importance Of Pants

    Pay attention to the number of legs to understand this one.

  • Give Her A Hand

    You've GOT to be careful about how you hold your beer.

  • A Coke And A Smile

    This probably happens every five minutes here.

  • Accidental Fishnets

    And just think, this pair will never snag!

  • Two Bodies, One Person

    He's a swimmer, so.

  • Poorly Placed Thigh

    This could have been prevented if she was wearing pants.

  • Beige Leather Does The Trick

    Maybe they should have gone with the black leather interior instead.

  • Toes People, Toes

    Another cute Facebook photo ruined.

  • Too Many Legs

    Basically just never choose to sit in front for a picture.

  • Just A Beautiful Landscape Photo

    So... yeah.

  • Naked?

    "...This party just got really crazy."

  • Accidental Butt

    This is why Myspace pictures are so dangerous.

  • Ben Dover

    This had to be planned, right?

  • Let's Go For A Ride

    Regardless of the accident in this picture, why did this woman accept this pose?

  • Hungry Shirt

    Marilyn Monroe could have never seen this coming.

  • Bicycle Seat Gone Wrong

    This slideshow is basically a PSA for pants.

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