Optical Illusion: Black And White Snap Will Melt Your Mind (PICTURES)

At first glance it appears to be a black and white photo torn in half. Then you noticed the nose facing the wrong way. Then you see the profile. Then your brain melts.

We don’t know much about the image that has been floating around recently but it’s making our minds go funny.

Half a face? A profile? Mummy I feel sick...

On the back of this we refer back to our gallery of best ever optical illusions, compiled with the help of - where you can find a massive range of illusions (not to mention games and jokes).

Some are them are the work of brilliant contemporary artists. Some are mind-benders as old the hills. Some reveal their secrets quickly, while others take a little time to figure out.

But all of them prove that the world around us isn't always as straight forward as we might think. Enjoy.


Ultimate Optical Illusions

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