R Kelly Fans Demand Refunds After Concert Is Performed By Impersonator 'R Jelly'

28/10/2013 14:01 | Updated 28 October 2013

The only thing worse than seeing your favourite artist in concert? Your favourite artist performing for just five minutes. And lip-syncing. And, erm, not actually being them in the first place.

Yes, as this KNOE News report explains, R Kelly fans in Louisiana are demanding refunds after they bought $150 tickets to see their man perform live at 'The Black Panties Promo Party' (no, really) - only for it seemingly not to be him. In fact, according to, the impersonator's name is 'R Jelly'.

The latest posting on the event's Facebook page reads: 'A STATEMENT WILL BE GIVEN ON TODAY AS TO WHAT ACCUTALLY HAPPEND AT THE PARTY' [sic] - so watch this space. Or rather: that Facebook page.

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