The R&B singer was convicted in Brooklyn, New York, for sex crimes against minors and young women and will face a separate trial in Chicago.
This is the first time the R&B singer has been convicted for sex crimes against minors and young women.
Fans say Drake “could easily have passed on this one.”
After decades of accusations, the R&B singer is facing his second trial related to his alleged sexual abuse crimes against minors.
The US singer was arrested on Thursday evening.
Cook County officials have already filed 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse against the singer.
R. Kelly’s day began with a meltdown and emotional plea of innocence in a televised broadcast, saying he never had sex with anyone under 17 and never held anyone against their will. The day ended with him going to jail, after the singer told a judge he could not pay $161,000 in back child support he owes.
Singer R. Kelly has been released on bail after he was booked on charges after allegations that he sexually abused four women, including three who were minors at the time. Kelly has pled not guilty to all the charges. Kelly was tried and acquitted of child pornography charges in 2008, but a new documentary which aired in January brought new light to the accusations.
At least three of the victims are aged between 13 and 17.