Matt Cardle has reportedly entered himself into rehab after becoming addicted to prescription drugs.

According to The Sun, the 'X Factor' winner checked into The Priory on Sunday evening to combat an addiction to temazepam and Valium.

matt cardle

Matt Cardle

A source reportedly told the paper that Matt had been struggling to cope with the stress of making his last two albums independently, after leaving his record label last year.

They added that the singer had allegedly decided to clean up his act on a 28-day programme before the beginning of his UK tour next April.

Matt was guided to 'X Factor' victory by Dannii Minogue in 2010, and has recently been romantically linked to former Spice Girl, Mel C.

matt cardle mel c

Matt has been romantically linked to Mel C

Earlier this year, he became involved in a war of words with fellow 'X Factor' winner James Arthur.

HuffPost UK has contacted Matt's representative for comment on this story.

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