James Arthur Hits Back At Matt Cardle AGAIN: 'He'd Make My Fans Go To Sleep'

James Arthur and Matt Cardle may have both shot to fame via the same reality TV competition but that doesn't mean they've got any respect for each other.

James has continued their ongoing feud by claiming Matt would make his fans go to sleep if he supported him on tour.

In an interview on the Real Radio Breakfast show in Scotland, 2012 'X Factor' winner James was asked whether he would make a peace offering to 2010 winner Matt by hiring him as a support act on tour.

Matt Cardle and James Arthur

James quipped: "I'd rather my fans were awake when I came on, that's the only problem."

Matt recently reignited their feud, which started when the 'Impossible' singer blasted former male winners of the show for their poor record sales, by calling James an "angry person".

"The guy has a serious problem with me. We had crossed words a year ago after he slagged me off but he still won't drop it. He's constantly bad mouthing me. He's such an angry person," Matt told The Mirror.

"Have you seen the stuff he posts on Twitter? He's usually mouthing off about the tabloids or swearing at kids so I'm clearly not the only person being showered with his verbal diarrhoea. His arrogance is off the scale."

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