As compiled into one handy video by the appropriately named Vine Compilations.

Yes, just click play above to enjoy 23 minutes' worth of what are, essentially, six-second comedy sketches.


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  • In which Prince Harry pulls his most awkward face, David Cameron laughs his most awkward laugh, and some poor woman has to share the stage with them both.

  • The Queen is <a href="" target="_blank">photobombed by her own grandchild</a>. We're sure this is a treasonable offence.

  • We feel for you, kid. We really do.

  • Angela Merkel was hugely impressed by the new pope's Ted Rogers impression.

  • The funniest photo to ensue from the G8 summit in Ireland?

  • No. That would be this one.

  • A world famous superstar - AND Robert De Niro! Bless you, Lil Bub.

  • Ed Miliband takes tea with Normal People. It's clearly a comfortable affair.

  • The NASA Rover draws a giant penis on the surface of Mars. Well, the NASA Rover <em>is</em> a 12-year-old boy.

  • Camilla sees the giant penis on the surface of Mars. Possibly.

  • At Nelson's Mandela Memorial, someone picks exactly the right spot for George W Bush.

  • Although this was the shocking photo of the event, of course. Who knew that the Prime Minister of Denmark was <a href="" target="_blank">a woman</a>?!

  • Well, 'selfie' was the Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year, you know.

  • In animal news, a frog photobombed this NASA launch...

  • ...while <a href="" target="_blank">a horse photobombed</a> these adorable little girls.

  • Still, he wasn't the only one with a long face this year.

  • No, really. It's almost like Nick Clegg is perfecting this thing.

  • Still, it could be worse. He could be Nigel Farage.

  • Slightly happier this year? Prince Charles. And no more so than when he'd been given a teddy bear to cuddle.

  • Chelsea's Gary Cahill and Fulham's Scott Parker bring us our favourite footie photo of the year.

  • Don't worry, Prince Harry didn't actually punch that baby.

  • See?!

  • "One down: Person who uses public transport to make it seem like he's in touch with The Masses..."

  • We're not saying the sun shines out of Olly Murs's a***, but... apparently, it does.

  • How to celebrate winning the men's doubles final at Wimbledon (if you're Bob and Mike Bryan).

  • Although that celebratory sporting act was nothing compared to <a href="" target="_blank">Manu Tuilagi's</a>, of course.

  • Michael Gove takes the 'Are You Smarter Than A Five Year-Old?' test, sadly fails.

  • Ed Miliband meets an admirer at the Labour party conference. Lucky Ed!

  • A llama gets in on the action <a href="" target="_blank">at Machu Picchu</a>.

  • The Duchess of Cambridge hears a shocking piece of gossip as she leaves Westminster Abbey. Possibly.

  • David Cameron tries to high five some children in Sri Lanka. This goes about as well as expected.

  • If only he was as popular as Gideon and Boris in China, eh? Well, Boris, at least.

  • So many Lady Gaga photos to choose from this year, so little time. So we've chosen this one as our favourite.

  • A divorce is announced <a href="" target="_blank">in Swansea</a>.

  • Some say Pope Francis is too informal. We say: he gets a big thumbs-up.

  • Ed Balls proves once again that you should never work with children or plastic animals.

  • In Alex Salmond's defence, no politician looks good in hard hat, googles and overalls.

  • No, really - they don't.

  • Shetland ponies in cardigans. The best animals-in-outfits thing to happen this year, apart from...

  • ...<a href="" target="_blank">cats in tights</a>

  • Not Beyonce's best look this year - although probably her most powerful.

  • We can't be sure, but we THINK there might be a member of the royal family hiding behind one of those masks.

  • Gentleman in the chair: you have our sympathies.

  • In which Prince Charles takes part in a magic trick. Marvellous.

  • We'll never forget where we were when we first saw George Osborne's new haircut. We were in Ancient Rome.

  • Desperate to revive his image this year, Nick Clegg recruited a new team of young advisors.

  • The only picture of Sir Patrick Stewart in a bathtub, dressed as a lobster, that you needed to see this year.

  • Barack Obama pulls a gun-totin' stance. <a href="" target="_blank">Here were some of the best reactions.</a>

  • Just your average <a href="" target="_blank">George Clooney photobomb</a>.

  • Although that's not as good as a 'sleeping David Cameron on a four-poster bed' photobomb, of course.

  • And finally: The Artist Formerly Known As The Royal Baby (now known as Prince George) greets the masses - in truly royal style.