There is no greater insult than leaving someone hanging for a high five.
Being left hanging when you thought someone wanted a high five is one of the worst things that can happen to a human being
Vine is three-years-old this Sunday and to celebrate the social media toddler's birthday they've kindly unveiled the most
There's a lot of differences between us Brits and our pals across the pond, and it's been summed up perfectly in one six
Taylor Swift's feminist credentials just went up a notch. Because when this 'Entertainment Tonight' interviewer posed possibly
In 2014, the power of the Vine became clear. From Taylor Swift's reaction to not winning Album Of The Year at the Grammys
Stop everything. We just found our new favourite internet dog. It's TD Stoppenhagen's boxer - and as you can see, s/he gives
Click on the bottom right to turn off the sound - though you will probably want to play it a few times, just to make sure
Or having her belly rubbed... (Via Laughing Squid) Going for a walk... Ready to go "Squee!" with delight? You've come to
Why not perhaps use water cannons, indeed, Rosemary Church of CNN International? They're not that bad, after all... At least