Someone Infiltrated The London Marathon So They Could Leave People Hanging From High Fives

There is no greater insult than leaving someone hanging for a high five.

Being left hanging when you thought someone wanted a high five is one of the worst things that can happen to a human being - and one youngster was spotted standing on the route of the London Marathon purposely embarrassing people.

The pedestrian, dressed in a blue hooded coat, can be seen holding their hand out (as many bystanders do during the marathon) seemingly offering a supportive high five for the runners.

But when the exhausted athletes extend their arms for the sacred hand slap, they're left red-faced as the cheeky person swipes their hand away at the last second.

In a situation so embarrassing, there's only one way to recover...

If you need to restore your faith in humanity after such a heinous social faux pas, everyone has been rallying around a pair of runners who got engaged during the 26 mile race and hoping to unite them with some heartwarming pictures of their engagement.

Sam Swann, the tweeter who captured the footage, has been having a little spat with the Daily Mail since they asked to use the video:

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