Customers have been extensively using Twitter to contact brands and ask for support for at least five years so it's surprising that they took this long to improve the interface. It was only recently that they removed the need for users to be following each other to send DMs, which was a major issue for brands that wanted to support customers using Twitter.
It follows news of 9% cuts to Twitter's workforce.
3) Ed Miliband telling Russell Brand that he’s wrong - repeatedly. 5) When Nigel Farage malfunctioned. 7) Jeremy Corbyn’s
Twitter has announced it’s to axe its video-sharing service Vine. The social networking site hasn’t given a reason for the
What we really need is for social giants like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to take a real stake in fostering a culture change. I'm talking about something that's developed by and for black people because I'm bored of calling people out and feeling alone. It's emotionally distressing and it's time we had some progressive backing.
What is it that makes the fairer species cripple at the thought of releasing some intestinal pressure, and that this release may lead to romantic or social repercussions? "It's not that I can't fart in front of him," a friend admits over lunch when I tell her what I plan to write on. "I just know that he finds it unattractive. So I don't."
I actually think pranks are quite a lame form of entertainment. There are a few internet stars whom I loath for their apparent success (via click of likes) for doing something as shitty as sticking a chilli pepper up their brother's arse whilst he sleeps. JUST BECAUSE HE'S YOUR BROTHER DOESNT MEAN HE SHOULDN'T PRESS CHARGES.
The infinitely looping video app Vine has just been updated to bring the best, and the worst, of the internet to your Apple
A team of masked artists are placing ornate picture frames around street signs in London. Working in the middle of the night