Twitter Kills Vine But These Political Moments Should Not Be Forgotten

1) Ed Miliband's 'Careless Whisper'

The six-second video platform that made stars of people with bags - and also a total lack of - talent is to be no more.

In honour here are the top 9 political moments captured on Vine.

1) Ed Miliband’s ‘Careless Whisper’

2) Michael Gove can’t clap like a human.

3) Ed Miliband telling Russell Brand that he’s wrong - repeatedly.

4) When Chris Christie realises what Trump is all about.

5) When Nigel Farage malfunctioned.

6) Michael Gove raps/falls over.

7) Jeremy Corbyn’s side-eye.

8) Ed Miliband nearly falls off a stage.

9) Ted Cruz reveals his true thoughts about the motherland.