These days it seems like virtually every headline on every viral news site is "amazing", in some shape or form.

And yes, we admit it - we might be guilty of that here at HuffPost every now and then.

Now we have proof - to a certain extent - that things have to be a lot less "amazing" to be described as "amazing" these days.

A simple Google Trends search shows that the use of the word "amazing" in UK data tracked by the search engine has doubled since 2009 - a period of just five years.

The graph above does have one obvious spike - the release of Amazing Spider-Man in 2012 - but otherwise shows a gradual upwards trend to the point where the weighted level of usage last month (57) was more than double that in August 2009 (23).

The definition of amazing, incidentally, is "causing great surprise or wonder; astonishing". The only possible explanation is that genuinely astonishing things are just happening twice as often now as five years ago. You know, like the animal pics at the bottom of this post.

Yes, this study is not scientific. It might not even be that accurate. But it certainly IS amazing.

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  • Over-The-Shoulder Kitty Bomb


  • Surprised Dog Bomb


  • Hawk Bomb

    Quick window bomb before flying away.

  • Family Photo Bomb

    Just gonna sneak in here.

  • Shark Bomb

    Cool boat, dude.

  • Bodyguard Bomb


  • Llama Bomb

    Pretty scenic, huh?

  • Fish Bomb

    Bet he didn't see that coming.

  • Creeper

    Is this cute or just incredibly creepy?

  • Fish Face Bomb

    Finally worked!

  • Censor Bomb

    Nope, FCC cat doesn't approve of this.

  • PDA Bomb

    Get a room.

  • Doggy Bomb

    Down here!

  • Block Bomb

    He knew what he was doing.

  • Laughing Dog Bomb

    Sweet picture, dude.

  • Conniving Kitty Bomb

    That cat is up to something, and we want no part of it.

  • Crasher Squirrel


  • Kitty Corner Bomb


  • Shark Bomb

    This probably ended well.

  • Bear Bomb

    Don't get out of the car.

  • Who's Bombing Who?

    Double Bomb.

  • Double Creeper


  • Jealousy Bomb

    That couch looks pretty comfy.

  • Cow Bomb

    Dude, pipe down over there.

  • Sinister Dog Bomb

    What's he planning?

  • Bathroom Bomb

    When you gotta go, you gotta go.

  • In Your Face Bomb

    Up close and personal.

  • Baby Bomb

    You're never too young to get photobombed.

  • Wedding Day Llama Bomb

    Cute couple.

  • Dolphin Bomb

    C'mon, ditch the girl and come play with this ball.

  • Goat Bomb

    Not just any goat bomb, but a sarcastic goat bomb.

  • Sloth Bomb


  • Whale Bomb

    Cool speech, bro.

  • Smiling Horse


  • Halloween Bomb

    Nice costume, kid.

  • Cat Self-Portrait Bomb

    This way's better.

  • Kangaroo Bomb

    A fun-filled day at the park.

  • Chicken Bomb

    What are you guys up to?

  • Disgruntled Cat Bomb


  • Sideways Kitty Bomb

    Poor dog never even saw it coming.

  • Sneaky Cat Bomb


  • Window Cat Bomb

    Don't let the hair distract you from the bomb.

  • Bear Bomb

    Bears have needs, too.

  • "Are You Kidding Me?" Bomb

    C'mon, I'm cute too.

  • Crasher Seal

    Always crashing penguin parties.