Google's 'Interview Warmup' tool asks you test job interview questions – there's just one thing it can't do.
They say kids don’t come with a manual, but fortunately parents have other resources at their disposal.
From my living room 4,000 miles away, seeing her grainy outline lets me grieve without the painful intensity. It’s like she’s present and accessible, 24/7.
A follow-up message will now be sent to reassure those worried by alerts. But “ghost notifications” cannot be stopped.
It comes after the NHSX coronavirus app was trialled on the Isle of Wight.
We are so done with 2019! Here is what we will be saying goodbye to...
Promotional feature from Polestar
Prime minister vows to press ahead with digital services tax for firms like Google and Amazon despite US threatening trade war with France over similar measures.
In the information era we live in, our thoughts, preferences and behaviours have become marketable products.
Plus, homemade Halloween costume ideas for kids (if you don't want to buy one).
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