Google Trends

Analysis of online searches produced a 20-day warning of cases going up or down during the early days of the pandemic.
Pharmacies, dentists and KFC – according to the search giant, that's what South Africans were looking for close to home...
Credit cards a-swiping, bank accounts-a-draining, and raaaaands blown on bliiing…
Gamergate has riven the world of video games in two for the past few weeks, after months of slowly building, nearly-inexplicable
The usual 'narrative' on smartphones is that they've never been more important and central to modern life. So why aren't
'Flappy Bird' is a phenomenon. But until now, we didn't realise just how insane the world has gone for this tiny pixelated
These days it seems like virtually every headline on every viral news site is "amazing", in some shape or form. And yes, we
Google has released a real-time visualisation of everything the Internet is searching for, as it happens. The neat online