Would You Pay £11,750 For This Painting Of Diane Abbott? Because You Already Have (PICTURES)

13/01/2014 15:12 | Updated 25 January 2014
House of Commons

Portraits of politicians including Iain Duncan Smith, Diane Abbott and Ken Clarke have cost the taxpayer £250,000, it has been revealed.

The cost of the paintings, which are hung on he Houses of Parliament, came to light following a Freedom of Information request by the Evening Standard.

The newspaper reports that the portrait of Abbott cost £11,750, one of Duncan Smith cost £10,000 and one of Clarke cost. £8,000

Other veteran politicians who have had portraits painted include Tony Blair, Charles Kennedy, Tony Benn and Lord Ashdown.

A a £6,000 bronze bust was created to honour former prime minister Sir John Major and a full-sized statue of Margaret Thatcher was commissioned at a cost of £11,750.

Some of the paintings that you have already paid for can be seen below.

  • Tony Blair
    Parliament UK/Phil Hale
  • Lord Ashdown
    Parliament UK/Anthony Palliser
  • Iain Duncan Smith
    Parliament UK/Paul Benney
  • Diane Abbott
    Parliament UK/Stuart Pearson Wright
  • Ken Clarke

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