Tony Blair

Former prime minister makes remarks about the 2019 election defeat in his endorsement of the current party leader during an interview.
The prime minister has a worse attendance record than any of his eight predecessors.
The former British prime minister admitted there were some things they could have done differently during the "rollercoaster" negotiations.
“Those who cause the mess will clean up the mess," Steve Reed said.
The Labour MP channelled Tony Blair in her speech and slammed the Tory "chaos".
The former health secretary has been criticised by Rishi Sunak – but the ex-Labour prime minister hails his "courage".
The former prime minister says "it's not sensible of us to disrespect" the World Cup hosts.
"I miss killing Iraqis," tweeted the fake George W. Bush account as a critique on Elon Musk's £7-a-month verification process.
The former prime minister will be portrayed by Bertie Carvel in the upcoming fifth season of The Crown.
"The government’s growth plan is all pain, little gain for the UK taxpayer and our economy.”