Tony Blair

Blair says they’re "inevitable", but that only fuels backbench suspicions.
Exclusive: Former PM warns the poorest will suffer most until countries agree digital document showing vaccination and test status.
"I think he is a very serious threat, a much bigger threat than we’ve had for many years," the Tory ex-cabinet minister warns.
Nicola Sturgeon criticises prime minister after comments made to Tory MPs from northern England.
A packed few days are set to have long-lasting impact into 2021 and beyond.
The former Labour PM said it was one reason why “the central ground of politics struggles at the moment”.
It's no wonder public trust in our representatives is dwindling when so many take high profile, lucrative appointments, Maighna Nanu writes.
Former PM says it is “hard to judge” whether Scotland is on unstoppable journey to independence.
The broadcaster, who has voted Tory most of his life, said Boris Johnson is a "talking teddy bear" backed by a cabinet of "absolute wet ne’er-do-wells"