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One Direction's Liam Payne Neither Confirms Nor Denies That He Is Batman

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One Direction singer Liam Payne is neither confirming nor denying that he is Batman following his daredevil feat of standing on a balcony ledge 34 floors up a building.

liam payne

Is it a bird? Is It a plane? Is it the wrong reference? Payne on the balcony

Possibly realising his mistake at revealing his superhero powers in public, Payne tweeted:

Liam Payne
You may have seen a photo of me today taken on top of a building. I regret being there and having a photo taken.

Despite Payne's air of mystery, however, photographs have surfaced that appear to prove his identity as the caped crusader:

liam payne tom daley batman

The mask slips: Bruce Payne

As a result, thousands of girls have now gathered outside Payne's house with placards asking him to save Gotham City - causing him to plead on Twitter:

Liam Payne
I know my friends have tweeted a lot of pictures of my house the past few days but can people please stop coming and waiting outside

And ask fans to allow him to return to his quiet life as a singer in the world's biggest boyband:

Liam Payne
I'd just like to be able to walk outside as everyone does and enjoy time with my friends, not feel bad for not wanting to take a picture
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one direction

Liam (centre) with his One Direction bandmates The Penguin, The Joker, Robin and Bane

One Direction's Road To World Domination
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