Michelle Obama is awesome - here's proof.

As part of a campaign to promote healthy eating the US First Lady teamed up with members of the Miami Heat basketball team and did this...



SamCam, you need to up your game...

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  • The tiny dancer tennis move

    Cameron shows the importance of doing an impression of a pencil to successfully hit the ball.

  • The 'flasher' face

    The old 'here's my groin' move never fails to distract opponents

  • The stiff upper lip repost

    Never at any point appear to be playing the game until, quick as a flash, you interject and pop the ball

  • The 'serve with your mouth' move

    Dave perfects the perfect 'o' with his lips before either serving or catching the balls. Must be all those 'oh dears'.

  • The backwards butt shot

    If you're PM, it's important never to make an arse of yourself.

  • The stiff upper lip move #2

    Push head back into neck to reveal a total lack of chin.

  • Cameron strangles balls

  • The triumphant toilet move

  • Cameron shows he's crooked

    ..in his golf club. Cameron's advisors were keen to pick a competitor who would let him win.

  • The wide-eyed pass

  • The furrowed pirouette

  • The 'forget your bat' move

  • The 'pretending it's tennis' shot

  • No words really. But this is a school game of badminton

  • The lip-shredder

  • The fly-swatter

  • British Prime Minister David Cameron sma

    British Prime Minister David Cameron smashes the shuttlecock as he plays badminton in the garden of 10 Downing central London March 28, 2012 with youth ambassadors of the School Games in an event organised for the visit of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) delegation lead by president Jacques Rogge. The IOC delegation started their last visit to London before the 2012 London Olympic Games. AFP PHOTO / POOL / CHRIS HELGREN (Photo credit should read CHRIS HELGREN/AFP/GettyImages)

  • The dosey-do

  • The irish dancer

  • David Cameron

    Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron plays badminton in the garden of 10 Downing Street in London, Wednesday March 28, 2012. Cameron is meeting with International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge and officials, amid the final inspection visit before the games by the IOC coordination commission. (AP Photo/Chris Helgren, Pool)

  • The morris dancer

  • 'Stayin Alive'