Some cities are set up to make life a little easier.
The prime minister said the government would do “whatever it takes” to keep the country safe.
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All day on Monday, US military cargo jets came and went despite the rocket attack, which did not hurt anyone.
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The US currently has by far the world's highest number of deaths and cases.
Kadee and Jaxson Jensen had planned to get hitched in June but then the COVID-19 pandemic struck, forcing the couple to think creatively so they could bring her American and his Canadian family together for the ceremony.
Daniel Uhlfelder takes drastic action to make his point about US state's relaxation of lockdown.
The global number of coronavirus cases has reached over a million. The UK will aim to carry out 100,000 tests a day by the end of April, as the health secretary waves 13.4 billion pounds of historic debt held by NHS trusts. A refugee camp in Greece is under quarantine with 20 of its residents testing positive and nearly 7 million people have filed for unemployment benefits in the US.