The Budweiser Super Bowl 'Puppy Love' Advert: A Plot Point Breakdown (VIDEO)

30/01/2014 13:54 | Updated 03 February 2014

It's heartwarming. It stars a pair of animals. Its soundtrack is a soppy acoustic song.

Yes, the Budweiser Super Bowl advert is the American equivalent of the John Lewis Christmas advert. And for that reason alone, it deserves to get its own breakdown.

Here's what happens in it...

  • It's the beautiful countryside. It's Americana. It's the two words scientifically proven to tug human beings' heart strings the most: 'puppy' and 'adoption'.
  • A handsome hipster is deciding which puppy he wants to adopt and keep in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn.
  • Terrified at the thought of living in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, one puppy decides to escape...
  • He bounds across the fields to the strains of a pretty acoustic guitar...
  • ...and shoves his way into...
  • A stable! Where he greets his friend the horse.
  • (Although we're not sure how the horse was able to get this close with his nose, as he's trapped behind a stable door.)
  • The farmer/stable hand/handsome country man sees what's going on...
  • ...and, disapproving of this inter-species relationship, grabs the puppy.
  • The horse looks mournfully at the puppy.
  • The puppy looks mournfully at the horse. He's good at this. He has puppy-dog eyes.
  • The handsome stable man returns the mournful dog to the beautiful puppy adoption woman.
  • This happens again, but at night, and in the rain.
  • An evil man comes to adopt our puppy. We know that he is evil because a) he is wearing sunglasses and b) they are not fashionable hipster sunglasses.
  • Also, c) he puts the puppy IN A CAR.
  • Incredibly, the horse hears the car door slam - even though he's many fields away (see earlier 'bounding' moment).
  • The puppy does his best impression of Dustin Hoffman's "Elaine!" moment in 'The Graduate'.
  • Elaine the horse gallops alongside the car...
  • ...and then starts chasing it from behind - calling out to her horsey friends as she goes.
  • The evil man understandably thinks: 'WTF?'
  • Before you know it, he is surrounded by horses. He slams on the brakes. What happens next isn't completely clear...
  • ...but what we do know is that the handsome stable man has spotted something.
  • It's the puppy! Heading towards him! With Elaine and all her horsey friends!
  • Look! LOOK!
  • The handsome country man embraces the puppy.
  • And he and the puppy adoption woman ponder all sorts of unanswered questions, such as "Will the guy that legitimately bought the puppy now sue?" and "How DID the horses get the puppy out of the car?"



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