When it comes to bouncing bundles of joy, there’s a new heavyweight in town.

Meet Xiao Pang – a 16lb (7.2kg) newborn whose nickname translates somewhat appropriately as “Little Fat”.

Little Fat was delivered at a hospital in Shamwei, southeast China’s Fujian Province.

16lb baby little fat

Xiao Pang - aka 'Little Fat' - was delivered in a hospital in southeast China's Fujian Province

And it’s thought he could be the biggest baby on the block yet – the last baby to unofficially hold that title was Chun Chun – who tipped the scales at a whopping 15.5lbs when he was born via caesarean section in February 2012.

Chun Chun's proud father claimed to be “very happy” at the birth of such “big, fat son.”

The heaviest birth listed by Guinness World Records belongs to a baby boy born in 1879 in Ohio, who weighed 23 pounds 12 ounces at birth and whose mother was said to be a "giantess."

16lb baby china little fat

Little Fat could be the largest baby to have ever been born in China

Unfortunately, the baby died 11 hours after birth.

Like their adult counterparts, a heavier baby can often signal health problems.

When a baby is born weighing more than 8 pounds, 13 ounces, the condition is known as “fetal macrosomia” and can be attributed to maternal obesity and diabetes, among other factors.

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