Boy, 10, Who Claimed He Was A Dwarf Who Forgot His Driving Licence Is Caught Joyriding Again

20/02/2014 16:43 GMT | Updated 20/02/2014 17:59 GMT
Michael Bodmann via Getty Images

Hey, remember the ingenious 10-year-old who claimed he was simply a dwarf who had forgotten his driving licence after being rumbled taking his parents’ car for a spin?

Well he’s done it again.

The diminutive Norwegian joyrider was this time spotted on a national highway, having “borrowed” his aunt’s black Opel Zafira, Verdens Gang reports.

His exasperated mother told the newspaper: “It was my sister’s car he took. [The] car keys were in the car so unfortunately it was easy for him.

“We were very scared, it’s just a pain every time.”

The boy had covered an impressive 3-4 miles from Fagernes to Tonsåsen before he was pulled over. Norway Today reports he was unharmed and the vehicle was not damaged, following the incident on Wednesday evening.

A police spokesman added the boy was "handed over to his relatives".

It comes just a fortnight after the little chap was caught behind the wheel of his parents’ car – with his 18-month-old baby sister gurgling happily in the passenger seat.

On that occasion he managed to wedge the vehicle in a snowdrift at 6am, Norwegian daily Dagbladet revealed.

A passing snowplough driver who went to help was the recipient of the boy’s somewhat bizarre explanation.

Of her wayward son’s latest exploits, his mother added: “The temptation was too great. He is a boy who likes adventure and excitement.”

You can say that again. No word as to whether he used the “I’m a dwarf” defence this time…