David Cameron Hits Back At Patrick Stewart's Twitter Phone Picture With A Photo Of Bill Clinton Meeting

07/03/2014 12:42 | Updated 07 March 2014

We’re more used to feuds between reality TV stars or pop divas so David Cameron’s pop at Patrick Stewart is definitely unexpected.

The Prime Minister was the butt of jokes on Twitter on Thursday when he posted a very serious “I’m-On-The-Phone-To-Obama” selfie on the social network.

Veteran actor Patrick was one of the many celebs to mock the Prime Minister’s pic, but he probably wasn’t expecting Cameron to ping back a (slightly catty) response - and to be honest, neither were we.

Today’s snap of Cameron in a meeting with Bill Clinton will take a little bit more effort to parody, but we’re sure Twitter users will think of something pretty quickly.

Your move, Patrick…

David Cameron on the phone

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