prime minister

The former prime minister is facing calls to cover the legal fees himself after the cost increased for a second time.
The US president met with prime minister Rishi Sunak during the visit.
Scotland Yard has expressed “regret” over the arrests of six anti-monarchy protesters.
Guto Harri said it is now "not realistic" for Boris Johnson to make a comeback as prime minister.
In one touching moment, the Prince of Wales kissed his father on the cheek.
Starmer said he stands by Labour's Rishi Sunak attack advert and denied it is racist
"Our country took out the largest loan it ever has to pay off the slave owners, and not the enslaved.”
The prime minister's spokesman said: "We will always want to find ways to minimise unnecessary waiting times."
The Vote Leave campaigner admitted: "I didn’t think it would happen."
Sources close to the former deputy prime minister said the allegation was not true.