prime minister

"Nothing but anger and contempt this morning for a PM who made the rules, broke them and then told us he didn’t."
Reports of growing discontent among the Tory ranks has pundits speculating that the PM could be on his way out.
"This sounds like the sort of thing I would tell my line manager when I was visibly hungover at my temp job."
"Announce Peppa Pig govt PPE contract," one person joked.
The prime minister's get-away journeys have been put under Labour's microscope – and the results don't look good.
Nicola Sturgeon condemns speculation over potential seat in the House of Lords.
Prime minister's conference speech includes a thinly-veiled attack on David Cameron and Theresa May.
A formal investigation has been launched into how the refurbishment of the PM's home was paid for.
Business in the front, party in the back.