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The PM was reported as describing lockdowns as “mad” and said he would rather “let it rip” than close down the economy again.
A bus was hijacked and set on fire and a press photographer was assaulted in the latest disorder.
From the hopeful undertones of 2014, foreign liberal media outlets have now shifted to severely criticising Modi's policies.
While top stars click selfies with PM Modi, many films in the 'Dimensions Mumbai' category in the ongoing MAMI film festival dealt with subjects like lynching and political killings.
The diplomats are due to leave London on March 20, RIA news agency quoted Russia’s ambassador to Britain as saying.
Authenticity is such a buzzword right now - we all want to eat authentic food, have authentic relationships, travel to authentic places, buy authentic brands and be our authentic selves.
Watching President Macron's first televised interview this Sunday, two things struck me. Firstly, wow. This man is eloquent, considered, sensitive, confident, and inspires confidence in his ability as a leader and in France.
The current impasse should make Remain and Leave supporters alike very nervous. Neither side argued for a result that would leave Britain worse off. Evidence is growing that the public doesn't approve of Brexit talks are going with increasing support for changing course. So if Brexit can be stopped, why won't the PM consider it?
With reports of Cabinet infighting increasing, and speculation of a potential leadership challenge mounting, the pressure facing the Prime Minister ahead of her key note speech to party conference this Wednesday is reaching fever pitch... What happens if Theresa May resigns or is pushed out? What happens if the transition period takes us through to the next General Election? With the traitorous Labour Party now softening its tone since its manifesto, the door to the UK abandoning the referendum mandate is opening wider.