Voters Trust Keir Starmer's Labour Over The Tories On The Economy

“If Labour remains ahead of the Conservatives on the economy then it really will be game over for the Conservatives at the next election."
Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer.
Labour Party leader Sir Keir Starmer.
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Voters have more faith in Keir Starmer’s Labour Party than the Tories to turn around the economy, a new poll reveals.

Asked who is best to manage Britain’s economy in the years ahead, only 16% said the Conservatives with Rishi Sunak as prime minister.

However, 32% told the survey that a Labour government with Starmer in No.10 was best.

The poll, by People Polling for GB News, is more good news for Starmer whose party has remained streaks ahead in the opinion polls.

The latest results are also a two per cent improvement for the Labour leader.

“If Labour remains ahead of the Conservatives on the economy...then it really will be game over for the Conservatives at the next election,” politics expert professor Matt Goodwin said.

He said the Tories have now “lost ownership of the economy” traditionally their “ace card” in British politics.

“Far more voters back Labour over the Conservatives on the economy, while Labour’s lead has even inched upwards,” he added.

Goodwin said the economy remained the most pressing issue for voters and Starmer was addressing one of his party’s “big areas of weakness”.

And in a further blow for Sunak, half of voters now say they will vote for Labour at the next general election.

The poll found Labour currently sits on 50% of the national vote, up five per cent on last week - while the Conservative Party is at 21% which is no change on a week ago.

The Lib Dems sit on 8% (down one per cent), the Greens are at 5% (down four per cent) and Reform is on 7% (down one per cent).

This represents a five-point increase in support for the Labour party, and increases the gap between Labour and the Conservatives to 29 points.

Goodwin added: “The Conservative Party remains on record lows while Labour is still heading toward a majority government.”

The poll also found voters have become more negative towards Sunak as a leader.


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